It is meant to be summer time which means every little glimpse of sun we have the shorts and sun dresses come out. So when you slip on your best summer outfit you want your skin to look amazing.

I have been on the look out for a moisturiser that will make my skin not only look great but feel great. So here are 5 that I have been trying out. 

The Body Shops - Mango Body Butter
This is one of the body shops best sellers. It is aimed at very dry skin with its super-rich and creamy texture. Using community Fair Trade cocoa butter it has an exotic mango scent. Once applied it soaks straight in to the skin leaving it feeling smooth and gives you a great shine. The smell is so yummy but after awhile it can become quite sickly.  

Garnier - Summer Body
I really like this moisturiser. It is really light in texture and smell so applying it everyday is great. It does come in different tan shades for lighter and darker skin tones so look out for this when your buying. After applying this for a week you can a tan beginning to build. I am one that is quite scared of fake tan and when you see it go horribly wrong but with the summer body lotion this doesn't happen. There are two things to watch out for one is orange hands so after applying go and wash your hands and give it a few minutes after applying so it can try before putting clothes on otherwise the tan can rub off it places. Over all I love this for tan but if you have dry skin this doesn't give much moisture. 

Gorgeous by Gok - Moisturising body butter
I got this for Christmas and I LOVE it. The smell has a great perfume that lasts for hours and the texture really is rich and creamy. This only seems to come out in boots around the Christmas period so I'm going to have to try and make this one last. There isn't much to say apart from add this one to your xmas list this year! I know I have!! 

Ralph Lauren - Goodbye Dry 
This is my night out moisturiser. After having a shower I love applying this to my legs and arms. It  has the fragrance from Ralph Lauren Perfume so really its a 3-in-1. Perfume, moisturiser and body shimmer. I don't think this is an every day moisturiser but for those special occasion where you want to stand out this is the one.

Sanctuary - Body Butter 
This body butter is straight from the spa to your bathroom cabinet. It is jam packed with  nourishing Cocoa Butter and creamy Shea Butter not to mention oil from macademia nuts, sweet almonds and Vitamin E. If you want you have dry skin and want to get that spa feeling everyday this is the one for you. The texture is thick but once you have rubbed it in it feels so fresh and lightweight. You don't get that sticky after feeling but instead a silky smooth feeling which is really great.

The Body Shops - Mango Body Butter: Just isn't for me.
Garnier - Summer Body: Great for the light tan but not so much for the moisture. 
Gorgeous by Gok - Moisturising body butter: My everyday mood boasting body butter!
Ralph Lauren - Goodbye Dry: My Night out show stopper. 
Sanctuary - Body Butter: Great for the winter months when your skin needs that extra pick up. 

Let me know what moisturisers you love and please let me know what you think of my post :) xx

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